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Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion 

Teamer Strategy Group is committed to eliminating inequities and establishing inclusive environments that align with organization's policies and procedures. TSG has partnered with senior leadership at the state, system, organizational and institutional level to support communication and progress centered around diversity equity and inclusion. 

System-Based DEI Training 

TSG manages the development of systems-based DEI strategies aimed at root causes of disparities across states, systems, organizations and institutions to close equity gaps. As well as developing coalitions and communication strategies around equity and assisting with implementing DEI programs and activities identified in the strategy. 

Michael L. Williamson

President & Chief Executive Officer

United Way of Southeast Louisiana

“We turned to Dr. Barnes-Teamer during a time when we needed to be very genuine and intentional in our pursuit of both internally, and externally, addressing systemic inequities that perpetuate long-standing issues such as the racial wealth gap and others that have emerged as a result of COVID.  And, Dr. Teamer provided not only their expertise in navigating what can be very challenging conversations, they walked alongside us each and every step of the way.” 


Provided DEI training for Executive Leadership, the staff and community partners. Assisted with the development of the DEI Action Plan and Equity Dashboard.




Helped to stand up the DEI Taskforce and supported the development of a DEI Action Plan

Helped to stand up the Social Justice Taskforce and Subcommittees aligned with the school’s vision, mission, goals and objectives. 

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